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Please can we ask where you heard about this Survey:

Supporting communities
1 How important do you consider the following measures to helping our community recover from the pandemic?

Delivering the Government funded £21.9m Torquay Town Deal & the £13.5m Paignton Future High Street projects, to regenerate our Town Centers.

Very important Somewhat important Not important

Delivering an investment of up to £350m in rebuilding Torbay Hospital and delivering modern health facilities.

Very important Somewhat important Not important

Protecting green spaces, developing brown field sites first and delivering affordable homes.

Very important Somewhat important Not important

Local priorities
2 As we build back better from the pandemic, which THREE of these local issues do you think should be prioritised in our recovery plan?

More homes that local people can afford to buy Reducing Council waste & bureaucracy
Supporting local shops & businesses Road and pothole repairs
Improving air quality Caring for the elderly and vulnerable
Leisure, libraries and culture School place provision
Keeping Council Tax low Protecting green spaces from development
Improving green spaces and maintenance of parks Improving access to transport
Parking Tackling congestion
Recycling and rubbish collection Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour
More support for renters

Protecting Jobs
3 Have you or a member of your family used any of the Government’s job support and retention schemes, such as furlough or self-employed grands?

Yes - I have used one of these schemes
Yes - A family member has used one of these schemes

4 How important do you consider the following measures to support jobs and help people into work:

Providing tailored, personalised support for people who are out of work to find a job

Very important Somewhat important
Not important

Getting more young people into apprenticeships so they can earn and learn

Very important Somewhat important
Not important

Creating a Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping adults get the skills they need for the jobs they want

Very important Somewhat important
Not important

A jobs Kickstart scheme, subsidising employment for 16-24 year olds at risk of long-term unemployment

Very important Somewhat important
Not important

NHS services
5 Has anyone you know used any of the following NHS services during the pandemic?

Coronavirus vaccination Drop-in clinics
Local or Nightingale Hospital NHS social care or health visitor
GP surgery or virtual GP appointment Coronavirus testing at home
Pharmacies or prescription services Coronavirus testing at walk-in or drive through site
NHS 111 hotline Other
No, I have not used any NHS facilities

6 As we build back better from the pandemic, which THREE would describe your priorities for our NHS?

Treating the elderly Maternity care
Treating diseases like cancer Improving GP services
Public health problems like obesity and diabetes More staff
Mental health services
Emergency care services Measures to tackle Coronavirus

Tackling crime
7 Have you witnessed or experienced any crime or antisocial behaviour?

Yes No

8 How safe do you feel walking around your local area? On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is extremely unsafe and 10 is extremely safe.

‹ Extremely unsafeExtremely safe ›
9 Which TWO of the following are you most concerned about in your local neighbourhood?

Anti-social behaviour Domestic Violence
Knife crime Drug-related crime
Burglary & robbery Other please state
Road safety and speeding

You and your views
10 Please let us know how you voted in the General Election in December 2019?

Conservative Green
Labour Didn’t vote
Lib Dem Other
Brexit Party

11 Was the 2019 General Election the first time you’ve voted for this party?

No - I’ve voted for this party previously
Yes - 2019 was the first time I’ve voted for this party

12 Thinking ahead to the next Local Elections, as things stand today, what are the chances of you voting for each of the following parties - on a scale of 0–10, where 0 means there would be no chance of you voting for the party and 10 means you would be absolutely certain to vote for the party?

Liberal Democrat012345678910
Reform UK*012345678910
(Please state)

* formerly known as the Brexit Party
13 Can you help us stand up for our area?

Deliver leaflets
Join the Party
Vote by post
Stand for Council

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